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“Get $21,640 in FREE Bonuses For The Most Lucrative & Sustainable Business Model that ANYBODY
Seeking Financial Freedom Will Ever Find…”

and We Have REAL-LIFE Success Stories to Prove It!

Learn how to build a business selling Private Label Products on Amazon.

A Simple Step-by-Step Online Training Course that has been Proven Over and Over again to be

the Most Successful Course of its Kind on How to Sell Physical Products in the USA

on from over 120 Different Countries from all around the World

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  • 8-Week Online Web Class: With Over 70 Proven Online Video Lessons
    • Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback Walk you through Step by Step on How to Be Successful with Physical Product Sales on Amazon
    • Learn how to Sell Simple Private Label Products on Amazon and Be Successful at it as long as you just follow the training.
  • 8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • 7 Proprietary Software Tools: Developed for Growing this Business that are ONLY offered to ASM members.
    • They Tools are not sold anywhere else.
    • They are easy to use and will catapult your new business on Amazon
  • Ticket to a 3-Day LIVE Hands-On Workshop Event (ONLY for ASM Members)
    • This Time the 3-Day Event will be Held in Las Vegas on February 5-7, 2015 at the Venetian Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip
    • Form Long-Lasting Business Relationships with those that you meet at this Event
    • Past Events Have Seen Students Come from all Around the World because of the Opportunity to Meet Matt, Jason and everyone else in Person
    • Along with Being Able to Learn Even More about Being a Successful Online Entrepreneur
  • PRIVATE ASM Community: Access to the Highly Engaged ASM Member’s Only Community
    • With Access to the ASM Mentors, Experts Who Have Succeeded with this Business and Offer their Help to New ASM Members
  • GUARANTEES OF SUCCESS: Have you EVER heard of starting a new business with a guarantee?
    • 30-Day Money back Guarantee
    • A Rock Solid $1,000 Inventory, Total Return Guarantee!
      • Amazing Selling Machine GUARANTEES up to $1,000 in inventory!
      • Certificate of Guarantee at the Bottom of this Page 


With your Amazing Selling Machine Builder’s Kit and the ASM Dream Team Bonus, you get access to the 8-week online web class, exclusive online community, software tool suite, and the private 3-day live workshop event now with…

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Grab your Amazing Selling Machine Builder’s Kit Now to Join Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki at the ASM Live Event INCLUDED When You Sign Up Today!

“100% Risk Free Guarantee”

When you purchase Amazing Selling Machine, you will receive 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee if you find that the program is not for you. The money back guarantee period does not start until the day module #1 launches.

ASM Student and Bonus Testimonials

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Amazing Selling Machine: CART CLOSES IN


Sign up right now by clicking the Add to Cart button below. Then you will be taken to the instructions on how to buy the course and get our bonuses.

When you purchase Amazing Selling Machine through our link, we will give you all of the bonuses below which will essentially guarantee your success with this course.

In fact, many of our past customer success stories had access to only a few of these, and they’re now selling over $85,000 per month (and it’s only been one year since they started)! Since the first launch of ASM in 2013, we have added tons more bonuses to make this the Most Personal and Hand Holding bonus package out there, to ensure that Everyone has the Best Chance at Selling Products on Amazon!

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Reach out to us on Skype!

Have Questions?  Join our Skype Group Chat and Ping Us!

Within our FREE $21,640 Bonus Package

Are the Secrets to Accelerating Your Products to the Top of Amazon

And the Key to Your Financial Freedom

By Far the Largest Disadvantage for Most, if not All Entrepreneurs is the Lack of Mentors/Coaches to Goto when You Need Help to Start, Grow, and Become Successful with your Newfound Ventures.

We Solve this By..

Offering You to be a Part of our Tight-Knit "ASM Dream Team", a group of fellow Amazing Academy Graduates and Students, All Working Together To Create Successful, Long-Lasting Amazon Businesses.

This is Absolutely the Biggest Key to Our Success on Amazon! PERIOD!

A Continual Collaboration of Peers All wanting to be even More Successful with their Businesses. Having a Group of People like us in Your Corner is Absolutely Priceless!

Here’s What You Get When You Become a Part of the "ASM Dream Team"

  • Live Full Day ASM Dream Team Training Event
    • To Be Held on February 4th, 2015 (the day before the Amazing Academy Event Starts)
    • This will be a PRIVATE full day of training and masterminding of which only our Bonus Members will be privied to.
    • This event will be life changing and this bonus training will help take your business over the top. 
    • Learn from our top notch team, many who are earning over 6 figures monthly. 
    • We’ll be Sharing Even More Strategies and Resources about our Successful Amazon Businesses
    • There’s Nothing like getting in a room with People that all have the same goals as you… Making it Big on Amazon Selling Private Label Products.
  • Invaluable 8 Week Q&A/Training Webinar Series
    • This Exclusive Series of Webinars Ties in with the Main Amazing Academy Group Coaching Calls
    • The Main Course’s Coaching Calls will probably have over 10,000 attendees, so most likely you will not get the more personal attention that you deserve.
    • With our Extra FREE Weekly Webinar Q&A/Training Series there will be more time to get the questions answered that didn’t in the main coaching calls put on by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.
    • We will also have Interviews with Expert Amazon Sellers that have the Insider Secrets You Need to Know to Be Wildly Successful at Selling on Amazon
  • Private Insider Skype Group – Prefer Skype? Contact us directly on Skype when you need to get something answered, don’t let anything hold you back.
  • Top Secret Facebook Mastermind Group
    • Filled with Passionate Amazing Academy Graduates, this Highly Energetic Group of New and Old Amazing Selling Machine Students are poised to help with anything and everything you may come across on your Journey.
    • The Best thing about being a member of our Mastermind Group is the back and forth collaboration inside.
    • You are not alone in this, we all want to succeed, and all of us will help each other to do just that!
  • Top Secret Resources Not Available to the Regular Students – As Successful Graduates of the Amazing Academy, we have built up a massive collection of insider resources that give us the Advantage over Other Amazon Sellers, and Even over other Students of this Course. With these Resources you will be able to accelerate your success on Amazon with this program.

Another Absolute Must when using this Model to Sell Products on Amazon is Being able to Pick the Right Product(s) to Sell.

We Solve this By…

Giving you a Hand Picked List of Products that we would sell ourselves (we can’t sell them all ourselves because of the sheer number of possibilities).

This way you are almost guaranteed to Start with a Product that can start Creating the Cash Flow You have Always Desired…

  • Access to Our Proprietary Product Selector Tool
    • Find products beyond the highly competitive top seller list that other ASM members will be limited to.
  • Contact the ASM Dream Team Directly and ask if the Product You have Selected is a Winner, Please do not be Shy.
  • By Following the Training the Amazing Academy, and the ASM Dream Team Gives You, along with Contacting us if you have any doubt whatsover about your product selection, You are Guaranteed to Start with a Product that Sells!
  • Private Copy of Our Supplier Email Swipe Files
    • We have had a lot of success communicating with suppliers because we have learned the insider secrets to communicating with them correctly.
    • With this bonus, We will be providing you with our email swipe copies for you to be able to literally plug in your own information and send to your prospective suppliers.
    • These emails will provide you will the communication you need to find the right supplier for your product, ask the correct questions that you will want answers for prior to ordering from them, and follow the entire order process to be on the right path to success with your chosen product.
    • The value of this bonus is huge as not having these swipe files could lead you to thousands of dollars in mistakes as you may need to learn as you precede through this business through trial and error.
    • These swipe copies take the training that Matt & Jason offer you to a much higher level!
  • Access To Our Product Sourcing Guidance
    • With this bonus, you will be able to find the best and most affordable suppliers for your product.
    • Most people don’t know how to do this, but YOU will!
    • We’ll provide Product Sourcing Guidance including how to source quality products, get them from overseas, and negotiate the best price to achieve your highest profit margins.
    • Following our team’s proven track record of success will make your business choices so much easier!

Amazing Selling Machine: CART CLOSES IN


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The Truth is… There are a Countless Number of Products that have the Potential to Make you Millions on Amazon. A Huge Part of Selecting the Best Product to Make You those Millions is Finding the Right Supplier.

We Solve this By…

Helping you find the Best and Most Affordable Suppliers for Your Product – Most people don’t know how to do this, but YOU will!

Mynders Glover and His Business Partner Actually When on a Trip to China with Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback (along a select number of Students). Mynders learned a lot of advanced techniques in this high level mastermind and discovered how business is actually done in China. He built strong connections with other top ASM Students and with Chinese Sourcing Agents.

You will gain from his experience and benefit from what he learned through…

  • Live China Outsourcing Webinar
    • During week #3 of the Amazing Selling Machine training, we will invite you to this live webinar with Mynders Glover who will be sharing his years of expertise from his successful product sourcing from China.
    • This will be an invaluable bonus as you learn the insider information that most people do not know and usually need to learn on their own through trial and error which could cost thousands of dollars.
    • Now you can follow the proven path of success!
  • Our China Resources
    • Complete list of contacts made while there to help you locate products, do inspections, coordinate packaging, and arrange shipping.

Well We can’t Sugar Coat this, another Large Part to becoming a Very Successful Amazon Entrepreneur as Fast as Possible is Being able to Optimize your Listings,to Market them and to Track Performance of your Marketing Efforts.

With the Main Course’s Training You can be Successful, but how do you accomplish this as Fast and as Efficiently as possible, even with little to no experience?

We Solve this By…

Using Highly Automated Tools Built Specifically for Amazon Private Label Sellers, that will save you hours of tedious work and will help you avoid COSTLY MISTAKES, all while increasing your product’s sales. 

These tools were built by James Harbal to make his Profitable Amazon Business even more Succesful than it Already is. 

You Get FREE Access to these Proprietary Tools so that You Too can Gain a Competitive Advantage that Regular Amazing Academy Students just can’t Get Access to.

These tools include:

  • The Ultimate Amazon Keyword Research Tool – dubbed the "Keyword Inspector"

    • NO ONE ELSE can offer this without making You Pay Extra for It, and its Yours to Use for FREE
    • This tool shows you the EXACT keywords Amazon customers are using to find your products and Buy
    • Build an Instant Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign from the Keywords Produced by this Automated Tool.
    • This tool is so Powerful at finding keywords, you will only need to use it once per product. 
    • This Very Expensive tool has already helped hundreds of Amazon Private Label Sellers find thousands of Amazon Buyer Relevant Keywords to use to build the Perfect Amazon Listing.. and you get access to it for FREE!!
  • Keyword Tracking Tool
    • Tracking how your products are showing up in Customer Searches is very important.
    • It is important so that you know that your marketing efforts are increasing customer awareness of your products on amazon.
    • This is a Key to Bringing Amazon Organic Search Traffic to Your Product Listings to increase Sales.

  • These tools were developed out of the need to Automate Certain Tasks that would require Countless Hours of Manual, and Very Tedious work.

    These Tools are the Next Revolutionary Step in Selling on Amazon and cannot be found anywhere else.

    If made public, these tools would cost sellers Thousands of Dollars a Year to Use, but they are being offered to the ASM Dream Team for FREE by James Harbal (founding member).

    • Coupon Tracking Tool
      • Many of our Marketing Efforts for Amazon products involve coupons. 
      • Many times these coupons can get into the wrong hands and you may lose thousands of dollars because you weren’t able to catch it in time checking your stock manually. 
      • This Innovative Tool Will Allow you to Track Your Customers Coupon Usage and Reviews.
      • Another Feature of this Tool is to be able to Track Product Sales and Customers more Easily then within the Amazon Seller Portal.
      • No one else can do this, not even Amazon offers this kind of capability to its Sellers.
    • Product Scarcity Tool
      • Anyone can tell you, Scarcity Sells!
      • Whenever any of us has started to run out of stock we all will get a noticeable increase in sales until we run out.
      • What if you could always have Scarcity for your products, even when you have 100’s or 1,000s of units in the Amazon Warehouse?
      • Your Sales would increase without any effort. 
      • This Never Before Released Tool will create Scarcity for your Products.
      • When a Customer Sees that your are running out of stock, thinking it could be their last chance to buy, they will be forced to buy your Product Without a Second Thought
      • Because of the Extra Sales you get with this Tool alone, your place at the Top of Amazon is Virtually Guaranteed!

    Amazing Selling Machine: CART CLOSES IN


    Click the Link and You will be Taken to Instructions on How to Order

    By Now You are Probably Thinking

    "There Can’t be Anymore that the ASM Dream Team can Offer to make this FREE Bonus Package Any Better, Right?"


    We Have Even More Awesome Bonuses To Give to you for FREE just for Signing up with the ASM Dream Team…

    The Main Obstacle that we all have run into while running an Amazon business is cash flow.

    With any business, it takes cash flow to be able to run it successfully and sometimes this can limit how fast you can scale your business.

    We Solve this By…

    Offering you our insider secrets to obtaining business funding from outside sources that you can use to grow your business faster with less effort.

    • Business Funding Video with Insider Contact Information
      • With this bonus, we will be offering you our insider secrets to obtaining business funding from outside sources that you can use to grow your business faster.
      • Some people may not need this, but if you want to learn how to scale your business really fast, this will definitely help you!

    Time is Precious, Outsourcing is the Key!

    • We understand that the Whole Point to Have this Kind of Business is to be able to "Work" Less on Your Business
    • Even While Your Business Continues to Grow and Prosper, You should have More Time to do the things that you love to do, with the people you love to be with.
    • To Address these Time Issues, Getting Training on How to Outsource Your Business as We Do will be Included on our calls.
    • Outsourcing is the Key to Making this Business Basically Run Itself, while You Enjoy More of the Freedoms You Deserve!

    Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of the time required to learn and apply everything in Amazing Selling Machine, on top of your already busy life?

    We Solve this By…

    Offering Gerry Kirk’s Course, Systems and Tools on visual management processes and managing work and life.

    Gerry is a Founding Member of the ASM Dream Team and he is also a Successful Graduate of the Amazing Selling Machine with his very own Successful Amazon Business!

    • Stop Doing Busy Work Training Course
      • As well as being a successful member of ASM, Gerry Kirk is a well known consultant on how to manage life.
      • Apply this award winning, science-based approach to managing work that is fun and easy to learn.
      • Discover how to get back 20% of your work time!
      • Spend more time on the right things and avoid the time wasters that distract you from your ultimate goals.
    • Kanban Template System
      • Prioritize what matters, collaborate more effectively and identify opportunities for improvement with our visual work management system.
      • Using cards on a virtual or physical whiteboard, our system harnesses the innate human preference for consuming information visually.
      • We provide you with a complete system uniquely tailored for teams of 1-10 selling online.
      • This system will easily adapt as your business expands and faces new challenges.

    Do you feel that sometimes you just dont have the drive to do well in your business or even in life?

    We Solve this By…

    Offering a bit of competition within the ASM Dream Team Group with a Contest. This will help create a friendly atmosphere of competition amongst fellow Amazon Sellers so that you can feel some drive towards your success in this new venture of yours.

    • Amazon Sales Contest
      • What people usually love about this bonus is that usually all that participate in the contest wins.
      • We will be announcing the prizes that will be offered to all the winners when week #1 begins in the course.
      • The competition will run from the day module #1 launches until February 3, 2015 which is the day before our live training in Las Vegas.
      • We will announce the prizes in one of our first bonus webinars…Good luck!

    Click the Link and You will be Taken to Instructions on How to Order

    So after purchasing this course and going through the 8 week training course (we know you will) you probably will be thinking to yourself

    "What Next?"

    We Solve this By…

    The Course just won’t stop for you by any means, we plan on continuing the training with extra calls and business updates. Of course you will still have access to our private groups and all the members inside. So what does this entail?

    • Team Update Videos And Webinars
      • We will be having business updates and training calls that will most likely take place at least once per month where I will personally be providing valuable information regarding your business.
      • These calls will be sure to keep you abreast with all that is new and changing in this ever changing business so you can continue to grow and be ahead of the curve.
    • Opportunities For Future Partnership & Outsourcing Collaboration
      • We actually should have put a PRICELESS value to this bonus as it truly can change how you run and operate your business forever.
      • With this bonus, you will have the opportunity for partnership opportunities with me and others on our team to further explode your business.
      • We have heard from many successful entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers that if they could change anything from when they started their business, it would be to develop partnerships and more collaboration much sooner than they had.
      • We do know that we will be moving forward to opening an outsourcing office in the Philippines next year and we will be open to all that would like to benefit from what we will be doing with it.
      • This bonus will make a lot more sense to you as you learn how to take your business to much higher levels discussed in Weeks 7 & 8 of the Main Training.

    As a Savvy Online Entrepreneur, I’m sure you are always thinking about the risks involved in buying into a training program like this.

    "What if I can’t make this work, what happens to the amount I have invested in the products in this new business?"

    We Solve this By…

    Offering our "Personal Success Guarantee" that you will not find anyone else offering…

    • Our Personal Success Guarantee
      • We are so confident in the ASM program along with these bonuses that you will be getting directly from us from buying the ASM program through our link, that we are offering you our personal GUARANTEE that you will achieve success.
      • If after you have gone through the entire 8 week modules, implementing all of the tools and strategies, and followed all of the tips and advice from us and the other teachings from the live events including the recordings and still have not made your money back from purchasing this program after several months of selling with all of the tools and strategies in place, we will personal write you a check for $1000.
      • We can offer this because we can pretty much guarantee your success with this program if you are willing to follow this system step-by-step and put forth the effort that it takes to succeed.
      • As most people in this program will attest to, you will become very success simply implementing some of what is taught let along the entire course.
      • Your success is truly at your fingertips, you just need to make it happen!

    Can we Possibly Offer Anymore to You?


    • Introducing the ASM Buy Back Guarantee
      • If our bonuses above have not yet sealed the deal for you yet, then this last bonus will truly make this purchase a NO-BRAINER for you.
      • This bonus will take out all of your risk and put in on ASM and us to truly deliver.
      • Even after the 30-day money back guarantee this offer is still valid.
      • All you will need to do is be sure that you are following the proven step-by-step course and taking the necessary action to succeed.
      • Full Details on how you can take advantage of this Extra Guarantee will be provided once you Buy this Course with Our Link.

    Click the Link and You will be Taken to Instructions on How to Order

    You’d have to TRY to not make money with our




    Questions, Comments, Concerns? Reach out to us on Skype!

    Have Questions?  Join our Skype Group Chat and Ping Us!


    ASM Student and Bonus Testimonials

    Read Their Real Life SUCCESS STORIES

    We don’t just promote ASM, we are top students and we live and breathe it every day as Amazon Sellers. We’re passionate about helping each other be successful.

    How would YOU like to have us working behind YOUR SUCCESS too? Learn more about us below…

    Michael Bitler:

    Bitler Total_Sales_Amazon


    After 7 years in corporate management, my entrepreneurial spirit pulled me into my own business venture in 1993. The next twenty years experienced many ups and downs, with the advent of the internet, the entire world was changing before our eyes. I pursued many opportunities and courses, with varying levels of success. I discovered ASM and Amazon in 2013. This clear step by step program provided the blueprint and the community of like-minded individuals accelerated my growth. Long story short, I not only replaced my income, but also my wife’s income, as she took early retirement as a professor at the college. We made our move to our dream home in Florida in 2014. Now we travel as much as we want, when we want, and I can manage my business from anywhere in the world. Our family is spending 10 days in Aruba in November, 5 days in Austin in early December, and 14 days in San Diego the end of December. Where else could you get that type of freedom? Not in most jobs, and certainly not in most brick and mortar businesses.

    Super Power: Thirty years experience in management and marketing has provided me a balanced paradigm to evaluate opportunities, while foreseeing potential obstacles and how to deal with them. My background in product management allows me to spot opportunities for successful product launches.

    Impact of ASM group to your business: ASM accelerated my success with Amazon at a much faster pace than possible to achieve on your own. The course and community exposed me to resources and individuals that made that growth possible.

    James Harbal:

    James - All Time Sales


    Before ASM and Amazon, I have always had to work for a living at a job I didn’t necessarily like doing. After quitting what came to be my Last Job, I came across the ASM Amazon Course a few months into being Jobless. I knew that I could create a Successful Business around Selling on Amazon, so I dove right into it and within a few months I Stopped Searching for a job. Because of ASM, I was able to Create an Amazon Business that Supports me and My Family to this day.

    Super PowerHaving been part of the ASM Community, and an Amazon Seller for so long I know about nearly all the solutions to problems other sellers have faced on Amazon. Personally I have helped probably thousands of fellow sellers with any problems they might encounter because I am very active in the community.

    Impact of ASM group to your businessIt has been HUGE for my Amazon business to be part of a group that are all doing the exact same thing as me. No matter what small Amazon hurdle I have faced along the way, there has always been someone that has already jumped over that hurdle and could share how they did it, usually within less than an hour of asking, many times within minutes. You Just Can’t Find that kind of Community for What I do Anywhere Else!

    Janea Knight:

    Janea all time sales


    I’m a concert musician with a minor in direct sales from Las Vegas, Nevada.  I’m in my 40s, with three small children, and currently live in the forests of North Georgia with my family.  I started working with Matt and Jason in March 2012 but did not launch my first product until ASM1 in April 2013.  Three months later I was earning enough income from my Amazon business to enable everyone in the household to work from home.  By November 2013 I achieved the 50k badge and my business continues to grow.  I’ve been featured in two of the ASM2 coaching calls and was asked to speak onstage in Austin at the ASM2 live event.  I now serve as an Amazing Academy mentor and expect my business to surpass 100k per month in sales this November!  

    Gerry Kirk:


    For 9 years I’ve run my own management consulting business, helping people and organizations reduce overwhelm and shift to more collaborative, innovative work. Consulting has its ups and downs, and so after a really difficult year financially I decided to pursue ASM with Julien, my business partner. I also want to spend more time with family, and not be on the road so much. What started out as “supplemental” income will soon be my primary source. I’ll only need to consult if I really want to, not for financial need.

    Super Power: Designing work / life systems that help people do more of what they love, at a pace that feels right. I presented this system at the ASM2 conference, and now hundreds if not thousands of ASMers are using this system to take control of their busy lifestyles.

    Impact of ASM group to your business: I get needed energy and support to help me through challenges and capitalize on opportunities. I get inspired by what other people are doing, and together we go the extra mile to help each other build $1M businesses.

    Julien Mantello:


    Although I was employed teaching in the business department at an Ontario university, the allure of entrepreneurship was too great to pass up. ASM provided a perfect opportunity where someone with ambition could quickly build and scale a real business. Not long after joining ASM I was convinced of the potential with this business model and turned down all other employment to focus on this exclusively. ASM has provided me with a career path that I am extremely passionate about and I look forward to soon travelling the world with my wife while still running and building my business at the same time. Super PowerI have an extensive business school background (both training and teaching) as well marketing and marketing research experience.

    Impact of ASM group to your business: Being part of the ASM group is invaluable. On a daily basis I’m able to instantly tap into the collective wisdom of people building similar businesses. No question goes unanswered. Hurdles that would take months to solve are often overcome in minutes. There’s no better group to be in!


    A LIMITED Number of FREE Spots are Available in our Group of Successful Amazon Sellers   Interact and learn how to build a 6 Figure Business on Amazon.

    Amazing Selling Machine: CART CLOSES IN


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